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Boat Shed Specifications

Designed to withstand the extremes of our local weather patterns, our Boat Sheds are constructed using only marine grade materials, and hand-crafted to your specifications.

When your boat is protected from the effects of rain, snow, ultra violet damage, airplane fuel, airborne sulphur dioxide contaminants… and whatever else man or nature happens to throw our way, not only will a quality boat shed extend the life of your canvas, gel coat, and varnish, it also means you’ll spend less time dockside on maintenance, and more time out on the water. With features like an automated rollup canvas door -complete with two remotes- you’ll be on your way to experiencing boating at its best.

HPDE Floatation

  • Foam blocks wrapped with 80mil environmentally friendly HPDE plastic with pressure treated 2×4 fir strapping.

Aluminum-clad Construction

  • Exterior Cladding: Roofs and walls use a double-vee profile cladding extruded from 25 gauge aluminum stock. Fasteners are stainless steel screws with neobond washers;
  • Hurricane ties between the roof trusses, wall trusses, and the base;
  • 2×10 spruce floor joists and blocking -all trusses and lumber pre-stained with solid stain;
  • Steel Pipe U-bar to insure structural stability at the shed entrance, and still allow for a 6ft draft.

Marine Electrical Systems and Lighting

  • 100amp / 24 circuit 220/110 volt electrical panel;
  • One double duplex with a 15/20 amp 220 v receptical located below main panel;
  • Duplex receptacles every 15′ on dedicated 15amp breakers;
  • Lighting provided by 12×96 tube flouresent fixtures spaced approx.8′ apart per side, with one 75 watt light above the main door on a photo cell;
  • Shore power is allocated by a 120/240 50amp marine twist lock plug on a cabtrye whip.

Doors and Skylights

  • Entry Door(s): 3′ x 6′8″ insulated 6 panel metal doors, double drilled and fitted with a security deadbolt;
  • Garage Door: Automated roll-up canvas door complete with two remotes;
  • 8′ translucent panels every 10′ per side. For example, a 60′ shed has five per side, ten in total.

Sales, Construction, and Moorage Information

We currently have moorage space available at both our Lynnwood and Mosquito Creek Marinas for more sheds. Boat Shed construction pricing is approximately $70 per square foot, depending on the features you choose. Moorage rates range from $7.50 – $8.50 per square foot on an annual basis (exclusive of GST, Hydro, and liveaboard fees if applicable).

Please contact Quinn Schneider (604.830.6212 / email Quinn) with any questions you have on pricing, availability, moorage options, or how we can build a boat shed that will not only protect your investment, but just as importantly, allow you more time to enjoy your boat with friends, family, or business associates.


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